Please visit for more up to date information on vaccine availability.

September 23, 2021 Update: The website is now shutdown, but I'm going to try and keep the underling data and APIs updating until October 26, 2021 to give other developers using this data time to figure out alternatives.

A tool to help you track down COVID-19 vaccine appointment openings at pharmacies. Updated every minute.


Step 1: Review your county's availability and 's eligibility

Be sure to visit your own state's official vaccination website for detailed information about your county's vaccine options and review whether or not you are eligible yet.

You may be able to signup for vaccines with a health care provider or there may be other options in your area, in which case you may not need this tool.

Step 2: Use this tool to try and find a pharmacy appointment

If you decide you want to find an appointment at a local pharmacy (and are currently eligible for the vaccine), this tool might be able to help.

Rather than searching around on each pharmacy's website, we'll automatically scan the pharmacy websites and show you any available appointments we can find on one page.

All supported locations in are scanned on a regular basis and this page is updated with any available appointments in the state. If you don't see locations near you right now, appointments can come and go quickly so try visiting the page at different times throughout the day.

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